a preamp and DI box with a wooden front… and an amazing smooth sound!

get the spirit of the wood?

No, we do not think that any electronics can sound like real wood or replace the inpredictably organized chaos… or whatever you believe that brings life to anything…

…but we managed to imitate one of the important characteristics of many sound conductors like wood, air, transformers… !

wooDi’s secret is its unique sound refiner – unlike classic tone shapers, its frequency response stays totally flat but gets spread over time. doing so, basses move slower than trebles, and that is exactly what nature does within acoustic instruments. the result is a sweet sound experience of natural acoustics even at high amplification.

here is the original flyer

Piezo pickups and other good pickups bring a very hard attack – because thats the energy the musician puts onto the string at once!

if there was a perfectly true and powerfull amplifier to bring this attack over, it would distort in the ear and sound agressive.
if you use real amplifiers and speaker it will clip and make the sound harsh
if you use a compressor/limiter, it reduces the attack making the tone weaker

2005 Rolf built the wooDI effect first into his Paradis guitar

this same module also works on the older Polybass

for the Polybass we made a tiny wooDI-M which can also used in other context, in fact the big wooDI now is also made with this module.