Paradis – Eden+DIguit

Diguit is the “electric” and the Eden “look accoustic”

Diguit and Eden were created to license a big guitar factory. Serious negotiations happened with Fender, Ibanez, Fujigen and Höfner.

Diguit contained a Axon guitar2midi converter and a BridgeCo FireWire 10ch audio+midi interface, a little display and a joystick like control. but a few years later, FireWire as outdated. BridgeCo and Axon went out of business.

Eden is the “acoustic” variation. the original Eden design is pretty hollow, has a thin top and a simpler electronics with Polysubbass, but was never built like this. the prototypes we have here are Diguit bodies that look like Eden

we think about building the Eden in the future…