the Neutricon bent contact problem

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    I just uploaded a video Ursetta helped to create. it shows a problem we had a few times where a outstanding Neutricon cable contact bends all the guitars its connected to!
    its good to know about it before you have the problem, especially before you ask someone to create a new cable, because its very easy to avoid, pretty easy to fix, but can be a nightmare to find out what happened!

    a similar problem I did not mention in the video is that a standard 1/4″ phone plug unfortunately can be inserted into the Neutricon (when your drunk friend tries to connect the Paradis to his guitar amp) and bend the contacts in a similar way.

    whenever one string does not work, have a look into your connectors contacts and if you suspect that they are bent, bend them back the way I show in the last seconds of the video

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