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How to change strings on a Spuler Paradis Guitar

the string gets automatically locked in the post by its tension. the post consists of 2 elements:

  1. a threaded pin jointed on gear
  2. a female threaded shaft for string entry


effect: screwing the pin into shaft clamps the string in its hole



unlock operation, version-A:

  1. place the guitar on a table
  2. remove the head-caps
  3. release string from bridge
  4. rewind the string completely
  5. bring shaft/hole to horizontal position, whereas the string points toward bridge
  6. pull the string by one forceful jerk 'backwards' (opposite bridge)
  7. lock now should open, rewind another 10 turns to give the string completely free


unlock operation, version-B (if version-A doesn't work):

  1. remove the head-caps
  2. release string from bridge
  3. rewind the string completely
  4. bring shaft/hole to vertical position
  5. use a tool: take out the steel bolt seeded in the endface of the headstock
  6. use the small head-cap magnet to pull out the bolt
  7. insert the bolt to the wooden hole next to shaft, backside headstock
  8. the bolt must snap into the notch of the shaft
  9. turn the tuning peg as rewinding - incorrect rotating direction may damage the system!!
  10. lock opens, rewind another 10 turns to give the string completely free
  11. remove the bolt, put back to its compartment


put new strings:

  1. attach string to bridge
  2. feed string through shaft
  3. make sure the steel bolt is out of shaft
  4. on nylon strings: tense the string loosely by hand
  5. turn the tuning peg / start winding
  6. the string gets locked automatically
  7. cut excessing string
  8. tune
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