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Paradis Avalon pear

On ice, the design that summed it all up. Rolf said he dreamt it, around 1988. inspired by the mystics of the mother of his son, he called it Avalon.

the technology is what Matthias created the years before, but new was the thin top and the nylon strings on a rather holow body. Rolf called it hybrid guitar later. Chet Atkins was about the only nylon solid body at the time, but it did not sound nearly as natural as the Avalon. so it was a big hit at the Frankfurt Fair in 1991. but lacking business experience, Rolf accepted to build 250 of them for a price that was not realistic. so he worked for years without really earning, and then gave up, exhausted, took a job and designed machines. Matthias was busy with the Echoplex in Brazil, so Paradis Guitarworks ceased to exist in 1995.


but we knew it: in 2005, he started again. created the company Rolf Spuler GmbH and called the instrument Paradis. he added a headstock since some customers had complained about the tuning on the back and about the "broken" or even "weapon" look of the the headless Avalon. the electronics became a lot more sophisticated, self contained, SMD, created by Philipp and others. the controls invisibly integrated into the bridge. Here are more pictures of details!

unique features

  • extremely sophisticated CNC routed body, light and mostly hollow, avoiding feedback but allowing wooden resonances
  • full rosewood neck that hardly ever bends or detunes and brings sustain without boomy bass
  • extremely sophisticated CNC routed headstock with magnetic covers and string clamping machines
  • low D additional frets and E clamp for standard tuning
  • wooden bridge with built in nicely hidden controls
  • legendary piezo pickup that mechanically and electrically separates strings well
  • sophisticated electronics that preamplify each string and octave four strings, battery saver, Roland standard DIN 13pin output, FireWire output...
  • natural or transparent color finish


since Rolf and Pino Daniele died, we think about how to go forward. many love the original design and its easier to build and shorter to transport and less delicate (the headstock caps are thin wood...)
so how about a new Avalon with built in electronics and maybe a bit lighter in weight and sound like the new one?

Loads of pictures!

Here is a picture of every Paradis guitar made since 2005, with serial numbers!


Rolf's Flyers


Press Reactions


currently available in our workshop:

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recently sold:


- wooDi

many complain about the harsh attack of the piezo pickup - which is how the string really behaves when you pick it hard, but we are used to hear it through wood, air, coils, tubes... so if you want more wood in the sound, try wooDi!










- Paradis Polyphonic Piezo Pickup

- Neutricon cables and connectors

- machine heads

- wood


Diguit - Eden

Diguit and Eden were created to license a big guitar factory. Serious negotiations happened with Fender, Ibanez, Fujigen and Höfner.

Diguit contained a Axon guitar2midi converter and a BridgeCo FireWire 10ch audio+midi interface, a little display and a joystick like control. but a few years later, FireWire as outdated. BridgeCo and Axon went out of business.

Eden is the "acoustic" variation. the original Eden design is pretty hollow, has a thin top and a simpler electronics with Polysubbass, but was never built like this. the prototypes we have here are Diguit bodies that look like Eden

we think about building the Eden in the future...


















Previous creations of Rolf and Matthias

the Bass line: Balance - Ibanez Affirma AFR - Basz


in 1992, in one of his most depressed and cynic phase, Rolf finally received the design contract which we had worked on for years with Mike Shimada and Fritz Katoh of Ibanez. They had admired our work for years and prepared the business and finally took the risk - 1000 instruments were made during about 3 years (please advise on the Forum if some info is wrong!) - which is still not the size such a company needs.

here the original catalogs:
Ibanez Catalogue 1992 / 1994 EU catalogue


on the left:

a rare combination of instruments at the opening of the new workshop 2011:

all left the first of 1984, then the AFR, then the 2010 Basz


Basz has a very unique feature: the Polysubbass circuit is used to isolate the fundamental frequency which can be added to the sound to make it fater. only two were made!





so many unfinished and custom made products

we were always fascinated by challenges and had a hard time to finish things and earn the money before making the new.

please somebody help to document all the special guitars and pickups for harp, dulcimer, clay pot, kalimba...


as examples

one of the 3 Paradis Elegy. it lives with Dennis in California:




and the first (and only?) 12 string he made, extremely soft and light to play
he said he never sold it, it just DISAPPEARED! if anyone sees it, please report!