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    the most urgent task for this forum is to find out what breaks in Rolfs guitars who is able to fix it.
    none of us knows much but we should be able to bring the necessary knowledge together!
    so please tell us what you know so we can create a list of replacement parts and a list of professionals who offer servicing

    Those people know most about the instrument, but none of them offers servicing directly but the can teach the ones that do:
    – I know most about the pickups and can fix them and/or build new ones. but I live in Brasil and have to mount this production first, mainly the brass part.
    I could fix single parts immediately but shipping to Brasil is a big problem. not only do they charge 100% import tax, but the customs may take a month and if you use a quick service the tax is on top of the shiping costs as well. In August I probably visit Switzerland quickly and could fix some pickups.
    I also created the original Avalon electronics, wooDI and Polybass. I do not see how I could fix them in Brasil but I can teach any electronician by skype.
    – Philipp created the much more sophisticated Paradis electronics and knows all about SMD manufacturing and is a helping soul.
    – Jon builds accoustic guitars in Graubünden and helped to build the Paradis guitars 20 years ago and may remember details
    – Andreas helped to build the Paradis and now works at Greenpeace but offered to teach us what we need

    Delicate parts:
    – pickup
    – hex cable (about 3 versions)
    – faders
    – switches
    – ?

    Service Professionals
    – ?

    thank you

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