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    The contents of this 16 page AFR Catalogue (including front and back covers) can be found here:


    – One point this answers is the appearance of the Walnut AFR (204 + 205), which seems much more uncommon than the Saman 104.
    – Although it is sometimes said that the 304 does not exist, they do

    -There are various comments, including Rolf’s own, about how many were built – 750? A 1000. the highest I have held is 0963.
    – If you look very carefully at the photos you can work out the serial numbers of those used – they are the first built.
    – 0004 went to Ibanez endorsee Jerry Dixon (Warrant). He also used 0272 for live performances (it is perhaps the only one made with an original maple fretboard) and has a thinner width/profile neck.
    – There are 2 design/serial number logos – very slightly different typography.
    -the part that is sometimes missing is the peizo cover.
    – they are Brilliant basses!

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