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    the Neutricon connector was chosen in 1983 because it seemed solid and not nearly as expensive as Lemo and others.
    the first time we went to the Frankfurt fair with it, we took it to the Roland booth and got a date with the engineers and suggested to find a replacement for the huge rectangular connector they used up to then. that’s when they told us about the 13pin DIN they were going to introduce – we were a little late. and the Neutricon lacks a few pins for control and additional outputs.

    in fact, the 13pin DIN turned into the standard for the polyphonic guitar, so we tend to replace the Neutricon which is out of production anyway.
    yesterday I went for a jam and grabbed the only Roland cable I could find in Rolf’s workshop and connected a Paradis to my StringPort and suffered from failing strings all night!
    before, I used the same Neutricon cable for 20 years without a problem!

    what are your experiences with such connectors?
    are there different qualities of 13pin DIN cables?
    is there a nicer name for “13pin DIN” ?

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